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  • Are Wee Houses timber framed?

    Yes Wee Houses are timber framed.

    All timber used in our Wee Houses is FSC approved, helping to promote environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management of the world’s forests. As a natural insulator, the timber frame assists in obtaining an excellent Energy Performance (EPC) rating for our Wee Houses.

    Each Wee House is certified by an independent Structural Engineer, taking plot specific factors such as exposure and wind loading into account to ensure structural integrity in even the most remote and exposed locations.

    Wee Houses are subject to rigorous in-house quality checks and compliance with their approved building warrants throughout the build period in our factory. This ensures an excellent standard of build and longevity.

  • Can I have a slate roof if I prefer?

    Yes, we can change the corrugated steel roof to a slate roof however this will incur additional cost and require more time on site.

  • How long will the roof last?

    The roofs have a predicted service life of 40 years. Time to first maintenance depends upon the finish and the environmental conditions but can be as high as 30 years. Coatings will degrade more rapidly in industrial or coastal air conditions and darker finishes will fade more rapidly than light ones.

  • What is the roof made of?

    The roof finish is corrugated steel and comes in a choice of four colours, with a plastisol coating.

  • What foundations are used for a Wee House?

    Wee Houses are built on concrete block pier foundations. The depth of the piers is determined by a structural engineer, depending on the ground conditions of the site. These pier foundations mean minimal disruption to the land and environment around the house. This type of foundation can also be a huge benefit on plots where there are tree preservation orders as tree roots can be avoided where necessary.

  • At what stage do I decide what I’d like to pick for my Wee House?

    Your customisation meeting normally takes place at our sales office, following submission of your planning application. This ensures adequate time to place orders for the choices that you have made and helps to inform the building warrant application.

    At the customisation meeting, you choose all of the fixtures and finishes for your Wee House including:

    • Choice from a huge range of kitchens
    • Choice of bathrooms/shower rooms
    • Choice of internal doors and handles
    • Roof colour
    • External and internal paint colours
    • Location of sockets, switches and radiators
    • Quality of build/building warrant info
  • Is there a choice of internal door handles?

    Yes, you can view the range of internal door ironmongery at your Wee House customisation appointment.

  • Does my Wee House come already painted?

    Yes, Wee Houses are painted in our factory and are given a finishing coat on completion, on site. You can select up to three internal paint colours from the Dulux Heritage range and one colour from the same range for the house exterior. Ceilings, skirting, facing, cornicing, windowsills and the inside of cupboards will be painted white.

  • Can I choose my skirting and internal doors?

    Yes, we have a choice of two types of skirting and facings and two types of internal door; classic or contemporary.

  • Can my shower/bath area be tiled?

    We cannot offer a tile finish because a certain degree of flexibility in the Wee House structure is required when craning the modules. However, we have a wide range of wet wall finishes available for you to choose from.

  • Can I choose my bathroom/shower room style?

    Yes, we offer a choice of two bathroom/shower room designs; classic or contemporary.

  • Can I choose my kitchen?

    Yes, we use Howdens Kitchens and there is a huge range to choose from. You can browse a selection of some of the doors, handles and worktops at the Wee House show home and sales office when you visit us.

  • Is it possible to get a bespoke Wee House?

    Yes, we are keen to provide you with the perfect home and this may vary from our classic house types.

    Contact us to register your interest in a Wee House that is custom designed for you. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we develop a Wee House that you will be delighted with for years to come.

  • What finishes does a Wee House have?

    To find out more about Wee House finishes, please click here.

  • Can I make changes to my Wee House design?

    Absolutely and we love working with customers to design bespoke Wee Houses. Classic designs can be altered to suit your requirements, or we can create a bespoke design especially for you. Previous customers have incorporated utility rooms, sunrooms, studies and even a second storey to their Wee House.

    All of our design and building work is done in-house, putting us in a unique position to provide accurate costs for your build from the very beginning. We always ensure that we design our Wee Houses to suit your budget. In fact, many people come to us because their initial build project has been halted due to ever-escalating costs and they trust us to keep costs under control.

  • Can I have my Wee House facing a certain direction?

    We recognise how important it is for your Wee House to fit within its environment. When designing a house to suit your plot we consider:

    • The character and appearance of your new home
    • The home’s potential to maximise solar gain
    • The size, shape and levels of your plot
    • Access to and availability of services
    • Access to your plot for delivery of modules
    • Which vantage points offer the best views
    • Local weather and exposure
  • Do you build extensions/loft conversions?

    We do not carry out renovations, extensions or loft conversions. All Wee House projects are independent structures.

  • Am I limited with my bespoke design?

    Wee Houses must be able to divide into modules which are of a suitable size for transporting. This places some limitations on the layout for the house but there is a still a huge amount of flexibility in what can be achieved. In terms of external aesthetics, bespoke builds must be in the style of a Wee House.

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