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A Perfect Island Getaway

David and Christine

A Perfect Island Getaway

Location: Isle of North Uist

Bedrooms: 2

Internal floor area: approx. 67.1m²

Planning permission granted: April 2018

Move in date: October 2018

Challenges: Island build, tidal causeways to consider, winter build

Turnkey project cost: £220,000*

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In the Outer Hebrides, a Wee House sits on the small tidal island of Baleshare, North Uist. Fitting in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was one of the traditional island cottages and not a modern 2018 build.

Finding house builders without long waiting lists, particularly on an island, can be tricky. And when you do find them, coordinating all of the different trades can be difficult not to mention stressful.

This was one of the reasons David and Christine Kerr opted for a modular build home for their island plot, through the Wee House Company.

You might imagine building in the Outer Hebrides (particularly in winter!) to be difficult, what with raging gale force winds to contend with, transporting materials over tidal causeways and building on hard, rocky ground. But no challenge is too big for The Wee House team; who managed the entire project, from first meeting the clients to handing over the keys, in under 35 weeks.

David and Christine were happy to leave the mind boggling logistics to The Wee House Company though and simply enjoy watching their Wee House take shape with a visit to the factory in Cumnock, then watching it board the ferry at Uig Pier. Christine said “It was surreal to see the front door of our Wee House with its outdoor light already fitted, boarding the ferry. Another highlight for us was seeing the modules arrive on site and construction being completed less than 24 hours later!”

The couple were delighted they chose The Wee House Company for their dream island build. They enjoyed a stress free home build experience with the reassurance that project costs wouldn’t run over the agreed budget.

If you are interested in a two bed Wee House, please click here for more information or get in touch with us.

*Project costs are based on material and labour costs at the time of build.

“Another factor which helped us decide on using The Wee House Company was the quality of materials used in the construction and the knowledge of the team. The workmanship spoke for itself but we were also impressed by the professional commitment and friendliness of every single member of staff; from the factory to the site. They were incredibly hard working and the level of support and communication was second to none.”

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