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Why A Wee House is both a Stylish & Practical Choice of Home

Why Opting for a Wee House is a Stylish and Practical Choice…

Off-site modular construction is on the rise in the UK, and with a significantly shorter build programme, quicker occupancy, reduced costs, improvements on quality and a reduction in waste and emissions, the rapid traction of this approach is easy to comprehend.

As with every innovation, there is an element of opposition and some critics of the construction method have suggested that modular homes have a boring, uniform aesthetic and fear that its increasing popularity could result in too many identical houses across the country. Yet here at The Wee House Company we are striving to dismantle this mis-conception with every Wee House we build…

A bespoke Wee House can be any shape or size and gives you the flexibility over room size, no of bedrooms, bathrooms and there’s even the option to add another storey.

Our customers are afforded a high level of customisation whereby almost every element of their home can be chosen to suit their own personal style, from kitchens and bathroom suites to ironmongery and paint colours. There are Wee Houses in an array of colours from pretty pale pink to funky forest green and many customers have opted for distinctive details such as a vaulted ceiling, decorative barge board finishing on the roof or a striking wood burning stove.

There are also important choices for customers to make regarding the home’s energy efficiency, but crucially all options can be easily upgraded in the future and that’s thanks to the smart building design of Wee Houses.

Underneath the stylish exterior of a Wee House lies an ultra-insulated building envelope, capable of achieving the highest energy efficiency standard, whether that is from the outset, or further down the line when budget allows.

Jennifer Higgins, Managing Director of The Wee House Company tells us “We know our customers are carefully weighing up the benefit of high upfront spend against long-term energy savings. Our ‘net-zero ready’ building envelope is the cornerstone of energy-efficient design, able to work alongside a range of renewable heating, hot water and ventilation systems and ultimately giving customers more flexibility.”

Jennifer continues “Under controlled factory conditions it is easier for us to improve the future sustainability of our homes. For example, better air tightness can be achieved as standard, while construction waste is up to 84.7% less than on traditional sites. There is less time on site which minimises construction traffic and related emissions by up to 50%, plus it’s less disruptive to neighbouring residents. All of our timber is sourced from sustainable FSC approved suppliers and any suitable off cuts are used elsewhere in the production line. Compared to an equivalent, traditional built project, up to 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building.”

With the rising cost of energy bills, energy efficiency has become more important than ever before and The Wee House Company has ensured this box is firmly checked. From high specification double glazed windows and high thermal insulation to low energy lights and solar photovoltaic panels, Wee Houses are one of the most energy efficient housing options on the market.

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