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What’s It Like to Build Your Home With Us?

Daryl and Heather’s Wee House is currently under construction in our factory and they’ve kindly agreed to share their customer experience so far…

The Design Process
” We’re relatively young and have never owned a house before, never mind built one. During the design process, the team were so helpful in raising things we hadn’t considered. Caroline, the Customer Liaison Officer has one of those minds when you are thinking about something, she is already thinking about the 5 things that support that something! “
Regular Updates
At least once a week our customers receive an update on the progress with their property. Each Monday a report is sent out complete with photos and full details on what has been achieved in the past week as well as what is planned for the week ahead. We also film frequent video walk-throughs throughout the process.


A Factory Visit to Remember…

We encourage you to come and visit our factory at least once while your house is being built. Due to their close proximity, Daryl and Heather have made several trips to see the progress of their Wee House and they even popped in on the day of their 10 year anniversary!


A Real Learning Experience

“ One of the great things we’ve taken from the experience is the education we’ve received from The Wee House Company. They’ve taught us a lot about the home building process and have guided us every step of the way, but never in a patronising way. ”


“ We must admit that sustainability wasn’t a key consideration for us initially, but it has certainly been a ‘happy accident’ to have the property firmly check the sustainability box. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot more about the importance and benefits of having a sustainable property with a low carbon footprint and high insulation, particularly with the recent rise in energy prices. ”

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