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Wee House at the Hospice!

The Wee House Company is extremely proud to be able to supply a one bedroom Wee House to a wonderful organisation such as the Ayrshire Hospice.

The Ayrshire Hospice provides high quality care and services to help those with any life-limiting illness. The care they provide not only attempts to ease pain and symptoms, but also allows people to stay engaged with friends, family and their community.

Our Wee House will offer a home from home for families visiting loved ones at the hospice.

Families often travel far in order to visit their loved ones at the hospice, therefore, being able to offer them the comfort of short term stay accommodation will only help to make things easier at what can be a difficult time.

For more information on the Ayrshire Hospice, please visit their website at www.ayrshirehospice.org.

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