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Tips for moving house

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It’s finally moving day!

Moving into your Wee House is incredibly exciting – the start of that new life you have dreamt of for so long.  We’ve provided some tips below to help you ensure that everything runs smoothly.


  • Book holiday leave at your workplace, ensure you have time to prepare and then move into your new home, without rushing back to work.
  • Write down your plan or have a checklist.  Keep yourself on track to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • Start collecting boxes, bubble wrap, sellotape, newspapers and marker pens.
  • Ask around for a reputable house moving company: When you meet to discuss the move and get a price ask how many vans will arrive on the day, and what size they will be.  Enquire how many people you will have working on the moving day and what happens if someone calls in sick?
  • Start packing away the non-essentials.  You would be best to take time wrapping items and ensuring your personal possessions are protected.  There is nothing worse than discovering a family heirloom has been damaged in transit.
  • Ask yourself what you can sell or give to charity?  Try to minimise what you take.  It’s better to leave things you don’t use behind, rather than end up with a new home stuffed with things you don’t want.
  • Start to run down food supplies.
  • Start a deep clean inside cupboards, windows etc. – so just a quick clean is needed near moving day.
  • Take measurements of your new home and start planning what will go where, e.g. window sizes for curtains.
  • Mark the boxes very clearly, i.e. Living Room / Bedroom.
  • Mark anything with glass or ornaments ‘FRAGILE’ to ensure it doesn’t get thrown around.
  • Ideally, get a trolley or something on wheels to carry heavy boxes (even from A to B).  No point in causing stress to your muscles if you don’t need to.
  • Speak to utility companies and make sure there is minimum interruption to phone, gas, electric, internet.
  • Have a box you can take in your car of charger cables, water, snacks etc.  You will need to get access to things quickly when you arrive.  You do not want to start searching through boxes.
  • Find out where the nearest recycling plant is, you will be there frequently when you move in.
  • Think about pets and ensuring they are not stressed unnecessarily.
  • Get an address redirect via the Post Office.  Normally you can get something set up for a reasonable cost.
  • Enjoy the experience – moving is a new chapter of your life!

Before the keys to your new Wee House are handed over, we ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.  We will also arrange a ‘welcome meeting’ with you so that we can talk you through the instructions for things like heating and appliances.

As part of our aftercare service, our tradesmen will visit to correct any ‘snags’ 3 weeks after you move in.  A painter will also visit to touch up any paintwork 3 months after the house has been handed over.  This gives the house time to dry out and settle.

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For more information, please visit or call us on 07772 949315.  Click to watch our latest video – Vision to Completion.

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