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Now We’re in Business!

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They say entrepreneurship is a mind-set. Growing up in a family-run business, where current strategy and new ideas are daily dinner table discussion topics, it’s a mind-set that is unavoidable.

What we do

We design and build “Wee Houses”. The Wee House is an attractive one bedroom, timber home with a floor area of 40 square metres. The timber construction means that Wee Houses is more environmentally friendly and more affordable than the brick built homes. Nevertheless, these timber homes are just as hard-wearing and built to include the same technical requirements as any other dwelling house. This means they are eligible for a mortgage to purchase.

Why we do it

First-time buyers

As someone ready to take my own first steps onto the property ladder, I understand the woes of deposit saving and mortgage knock-backs. However, as a more affordable option, The Wee House requires a much smaller deposit than most homes on the market- helping you turn that dream of independence into reality!

My partner and I have decided that The Wee House is a great option for us, so look out for further blog posts on our life there, as our move in date draws nearer.

Elderly Relatives

The Wee House is also fully portable which means that it can be built in our workshop, and then erected on your desired plot in just one day! This is ideal for anyone with a larger garden wishing to create a home for their elderly relatives. Being close by, means that everyone has peace of mind, but the occupant of the Wee House can retain their independence. Additionally, the compact nature and quality of insulation in the Wee House means that it will stay cosy all year round without costly energy bills.

Staff Accommodation & Holiday Homes

Throughout the design process, we have endeavoured to make the make The Wee House as attractive as possible and able to fit into a variety of surroundings. For example, the external colours and ornamental bargeboard which you can see on the model pictured in this article, were specifically chosen to coincide with the traditional architecture of country estates around Ballater. The traditional, cottagey feel of this Wee House would make it ideal for staff accommodation on country estates or as holiday homes.

And there’s more…

The Wee House Company also has another driving force behind it- helping young people prepare for the world of work through our enterprise initiative. Our aim is to work in partnership Scottish schools to help bridge the gap between education and employment.

Already we have piloted a scheme with 12 pupils from local secondary schools, during which they built a complete house from start to finish under supervision of our skilled tradesmen.

You can see pictures of the young people working on-site below:

I always knew that one day I would have my own business. It seemed inevitable really, but the tough question always is, "What will that business be?". Many ideas have come and gone- some had potential and some were complete no-nos. Nothing ever felt quite worthy of pursuing.... until now!

Jennifer Higgins The Wee House Company

Follow the blog for further updates on living in a Wee House and our enterprise initiative!

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