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Design your dream Wee House

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We are becoming well-known in the United Kingdom for our bespoke design service, we realise when it comes to building your dream home – one size doesn’t fit all.

The beauty of this service is we handle the entire project from design through to completion of your build.

Designing to suit your plot of land

We recognise how important it is for your Wee House to fit within its environment.  When designing a house to suit your plot we consider:

  • The character and appearance of your new home
  • The home’s potential to maximise solar gain
  • The size, shape and levels of your plot
  • Access to and availability of services
  • Access to your plot for delivery of modules
  • Which vantage points offer the best views
  • Local weather and exposure

Designing to suit your way of life

We listen to what you want and believe it’s essential that your Wee House reflects your personality and lifestyle.  Wee Houses can be any shape and size i.e. 1, 2, 3+ bedrooms with rooms to suit hobbies etc.  We offer traditional cottage-style living or open-plan.

Most Recent Wee House

The Isle of Harris 1 bedroom Wee House is our latest bespoke design, it has a vaulted ceiling with glass feature, bi-fold doors in the large open plan living area and stunning French doors.


We offer a full service package as we apply for planning consent and a building warrant on your behalf; we also deal with all construction and groundworks.

Our Workshop

We invite you to visit our workshop in Ayrshire and see your Wee House while it is being built.  This is a good opportunity to meet the tradesmen and feel involved.

Make Contact

If you have a plot of land and would like to discuss building your dream home, please make contact with us. We have built bespoke houses on Isle of Lewis, Isle of Harris, Isle of Arran and on sites throughout the UK.

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