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Building Skills Students complete their First Wee House!

On the 26th March, a celebration was held at Knockroon for the completion of the fantastic first house built by our students on the Building Skills Initiative.

A small group of teachers and councillors gathered to congratulate the boys for all their hard work and effort that has went into the construction of the house over the past 7 months.

Tea and coffee was then followed by a speech from Jennifer Hope, who thanked and praised everyone involved with the project.

We were then treated to a tour around the newly built house and one of our students, Scott Buchanan, gave a thorough explanation of the insulation that had been installed in the walls through the use of a scale model.

The Wee House Company would to thank everyone who came along, in particular Neil Hunter and Gavin Murray at Ayrshire College for their help in ensuring that the students will now also be assessed on their joinery, electrical and brickwork to gain a Skills for Work in Construction Award.

We would also like to thank East Ayrshire for their continued support of the program. Martyn Hendry, and the Prince’s Charities for their continued support and enthusiasm. Hope Homes for seconding two full-time joiners, George and Allan, who taught the students valuable skills and turned guys who didn’t know how to hold a hammer into guys that can now build a house!

And last, but not least, a thank you to each of the students who took part in The Building Skills Initiative for their consistent hard work. Well done guys!

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