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Location: Dundonald, South Ayrshire

Project value: £9.8m

Number of homes: 63

Property range: 19 x 2 bedroom townhouses, 16 x 1 bedroom cottage flats, 2 x 4 bedroom houses, 16 x 3 bedroom houses, 10 x 2 bedroom amenity bungalows

Project timeline: March 2021 – November 2022

In March 2021 Riverside Scotland partnered with Connect Modular to undertake its first ever modular housing project and Scotland’s largest affordable modular housing development at that time.

The £9.8 million project, supported by Scottish Government funding, will see the delivery of 63 new affordable homes in Dundonald, South Ayrshire.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Riverside Scotland to create such an innovative housing development. The use of modular construction improves build quality and means homes will be available for occupancy earlier. Riverside Scotland’s willingness to embrace this evolution in construction has been key to the scale of the project.”

Jennifer Higgins, Managing Director of Connect Modular

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Incorporating a blend of house types, the modular housing development in Dundonald includes one bedroom flats, two bedroom amenity bungalows and three and four bed houses. Each of the 63 houses will be designed and fabricated by Connect Modular off-site, in our Ayrshire factory.

Houses are 90% complete when they depart the factory with kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrics already installed, facilitating a significantly shorter build programme In contrast to a traditional build project, fabrication under factory conditions diminishes waste, improves quality, negates the impacts of adverse weather and allows for overlap of site preparation and build phases – a more efficient process all round.

For Riverside Scotland, Connect Modular provided the innovative solution it had been searching for to help address the shortage of affordable housing.

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Developments like Dundonald allow us to tackle the housing crisis at speed and scale as well as helping housing providers like ourselves and local authorities to achieve government targets, not only around housing but around climate change too.”

Morag Hutchison

Head of Finance & Planning – Riverside Scotland

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Sustainable and Energy Efficient


The environmental credentials of modular construction are clear and this was a driving force for our client when appointing Connect Modular to build this 63-home development. In comparison to an equivalent, traditionally built project, up to 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building and construction waste is up to 85% less that on traditional sites.

The modular homes in this development have been designed with solar PV panels and a highly insulated building envelope, resulting in lower energy consumption and huge savings on energy bills for tenants.

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Enhanced Quality Control


With the homes being built off-site in a controlled factory environment, Connect Modular can implement a stringent quality regime with minimal defects incurred. Buildings are made wind and watertight on the same day they are delivered to site, thus eliminating the potential for moisture to be trapped in the structure and reducing the risk of shrinkage. Furthermore, with the building materials being stored in dry, undercover setting, the risk of damaged materials is reduced significantly.


Current Project Status

So far 26 of the 63 houses have been handed over, with the remaining 37 due for completion by November 2022.

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“Riverside Scotland is delighted with the progress and pace at which these homes are being delivered by Connect Modular Ltd. Modular Construction is such an efficient process and the spec of the completed properties is just fantastic. We’ve had great feedback from our residents who have already moved in and we expect this will continue.”

Diana Maclean,

Managing Director

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