Modular Homes for North Ayrshire Council - The Wee House Company

Location: Seamill, North Ayrshire

Project value: £3.43m

Number of homes: 31

Property range: General needs houses and flats, fully wheelchair accessible flat

Project timeline: January – November 2019

North Ayrshire Council have engaged in an innovative programme to deliver 31 modular, affordable homes.

The development at Ardrossan Road, Seamill was designed and built by The Wee House Company Ltd. Homes were constructed in the company’s Ayrshire factory before being transported to site; ready-fitted with kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrics.

The affordable housing is a mix of general needs houses, general needs flats, amenity flats, and a fully wheelchair accessible flat.

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Homes were thoughtfully designed for the efficient delivery and erection of 4 homes in a single day. Homes are made fully wind and watertight on site within this period, with only final painting left to be completed internally. The Wee House team worked quickly and effectively on site, minimising disturbance to neighbouring residents.

A block and render finish alongside slate-effect roof tiles makes these modular homes indistinguishable from their traditionally constructed counterparts in other areas of the site. Further still, the affordable housing incorporates traditional features such as painted, cast window surrounds and decorative chimneys tying in with the vernacular architecture.

The entire project takes place in less than a year. Work began in January 2019, with the first homes being occupied by tenants in July. All homes will be complete and occupied by November 2019.

Greig Wilton, Affordable Housing Co-ordinator, North Ayrshire Council said: “The Wee House Company worked well with all council departments and were always really accommodating.  Although an innovative, new type of project, it was delivered on time and on budget.“

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