With a little help from our friends (and family)

25 Jul 2013

Last Saturday morning a small team of our family and friends descended upon the Wee House, dusters and toolboxes in hand. Several curtain poles, furniture runs and cleaning sprees later we all collapsed on the patio for a lazy glass of wine as the Saturday night sun set over Arran.

All in all, it was a fairly pain-free move, with the vast majority of our possessions finding a space on the Saturday and the rest settling in on the Sunday morning. We even had time for at least 30 visitors (!!!!!) in the afternoon, who trickled through our new collection of rooms "oohing" and "aahing" as they went.


Great thanks to my Grandparents who filled our salvaged Belfast sinks with beautiful flowers!


Already had some good use out of these patio doors over this sunny spell of weather.


Our Ikea folding table means plenty room to dine in the kitchen or space to dine at the table in the lounge when we have guests.


Quite a few ‘New Home' cards already!


Room for 2 wardrobes, a large chest of drawers and under-bed storage! Bliss for someone with so many clothes :-D

Now that we are moved in, be on the lookout for our time-lapse video of the complete build coming soon!

With a little help from our friends (and family)
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