Good Things Come in "Wee" Forms

08 Jul 2013

My partner and I are moving into our very own Wee House. It's all very exciting but with only about a week to go, the desperate dash to find the final interior decorating necessities has begun!

Sure, I've been planning it for months. No-one has more "for the house" Pinterest boards and mood boards  than me! However, it's making those final purchase decisions that are the real challenge. After all, doesn't everyone want their new house to look like something from the pages of House Beautiful?

The bonus with this house is, there aren't actually that many rooms to furnish! That means less tough decisions like whether to choose indigo blue or Oxford blue curtain fabric (OK, pretty sure they look the same). It also means you can go for that Egyptian cotton bed set and those designer throw cushions you've had your eye on. Yes, you're décor budget stretches to the really nice things because there really isn't that much to buy!

There you have it, the no-stress house of your dreams!

You can check out some of the items we have bought below (We can't resist a sale bargain!)

Wee Forms
Wee Forms2

Wee Forms3

Wee Forms4

Good Things Come in "Wee" Forms
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